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Dear user, welcome back after a brief sojourn. We have been busy trying the tackle the issues which have plagued this site. The good part is it appears to have been fixed.

We are now located on a new server, with a spanking new OS and oodles of disks space. We should be now able to make your experience better.

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This website is  created for improving access to the information repository of Motive Power RDSO and also serves as a platform for providing access to the letters issued for information and also to collect feedback from the Zonal Railways.

The site has four main sections namely:

1. Publication: For publications issued by Motive Power

2. Informatory Letters: Letters issued for information

3. Feedback Required: Section containing letters requiring feedback from users.

4. A discussion forum: For discussing issues of Motive Power

The site can be accessed only with an enabled account. The account creation process is simple just follow the link for creation of an account in the login menu.

Kindly send your suggestions for improvements to the site using the links provided to contact the administrator.

Note: For better experience use of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is suggested.

About Motive Power

Motive Power directorate has been engaged in designs and standards works related with diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic and electric locomotives since 1960s. Important accomplishments from this time, through to late 1990s, ranged form indigenisation of a large number of diesel locomotive components, establishment of special maintenance code in areas with reliability problems, evolving and adapting standards. The main activities of the directorate are as under :-

Read more: About Motive Power

Who should enroll?

We expect all personnel dealing with diesel locomotive, DEMU manufacture, operations and maintenance on the Indian Railways to be members.

The following designations are specifically requested to enroll.




3. CTA

At Shed Level

1. SrDME / DyCME

2. DME

3. CTA